Video gallery

Kenny Belaey exploring the Land of the Bulls

Bureau has supported in creating a promotion video in Gobustan state historical cultural reservoir with famous cyclist Kenny Belay

ZAM 6: Azerbaijan

ZAM - a project for discovering new riding areas. The next target of the ZAM project leading by MTB cyclist Richard Gaspetti is Azerbaijan

Novruz Bayramı - Sabir Bağı - 20-26 mart, 2017

Series of events have been organised by National Tourism Promotion Bureau on 20-26 March about Novruz holiday in Sabir Baghi in 2017

Bakı 2017 İslam Həmrəyliyi Oyunları. Atletlər Kəndi.

National Tourism Promotion Bureau has organized a lot of cultural programs within the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games period

House-Museum of Tahir Salahov

Tahir Salahov is a winner of numerous prizes, awards and titles, including the State Prize of the Russian Federation, Knight of the Honorable French Order “Art and Literature” and the title of People’s Artist of the former USSR. More than 700 items including the canvases by Tahir Salahov’s brush are exhibited in the house-museum of the artist.


Numizmatika muzeyi

In this museum you can see the most ancient Azerbaijani coins. Turnover money in the middle-ages of Azerbaijan (the first half XIII-the beginning of XVI century).

Uzeyir Hajibeyli's House Museum

The museum was created in 1975.The composer lived in this house from 1915 to 1942. The museum consists of 4 rooms, a glass-lounge, a cinema hall, an exhibition hall and an administrative unit. People's artist of Azerbaijan Kazim Kazimzade and architect Eduard Kruiki greatly contributed to the design and preparation of the museum.

House-Museum of Vagif Mustafazadeh

Promo video of the house-museum of Vagif Mustafazadeh in Old city of Baku

House-museum of Vagif Mustafazadeh is a memorial museum of the Azerbaijani jazz-pianist and composer, Vagif Mustafazadeh, and it was established on July 28, 1989. In 1994, it became a branch of the Azerbaijan State Museum of Musical Culture.